Partner with us

Start your own business today!

Watch these videos to see what it’s like to partner with us. This is the beginning of your quest towards financial independence through the practice of smart spending. We will be here to support you if you do decide to partner with our organization.

E-mail communication or phone appointments are available if you are more comfortable starting your business after hearing from us first.

We look forward to know you and work with you in the near future!

Please don’t forget to fill out your feedback form and watch the two other videos at the bottom of this page.

To request phone contact click  Phone appointment

If you want to go ahead and start earning money every time you pay your bills go to my 5Linx Business page

Make sure to choose Platinum Services to get your 3 points and $15 costumer value monthly!

Soon after you sign up, you will receive a call from me welcoming you into the business. I will be your mentor and we’ll have a training together. I will introduce you to my mentors if you’re close to our office. If not, I can recommend you to a meeting close to you where you can meet fellow 5Linx Business partners. Don’t worry if you’re out of state, we can do the trainings and communicate online, or by the phone too.

How much money can you earn?

Check out these business video and get to know my mentors:
Here’s the complete business opportunity video:

Meet my mentors! They are a living proof and legacy of the success you can find in this business. Rommel Hernandez quit being a nurse to commit to our business.


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