How I earn money

earn money

Imagine if you own an Italian restaurant. You hire your own chef and employees. You also make deals with suppliers to get good quality meats and vegetables to serve to your costumers. You invest your money into decorating, marketing, merchant processing, and paying your employees to keep the business running. But anytime you go to your own restaurant, you don’t have to pay for your own food simply because you own the place!

Now, think about it this way: if you “own” your bills and you pay them, you will earn money off of your bills simply because you own them like a business!

When I say bills, I’m talking about cellphones, satellite TVs, Internet connections, home security, energy, gas, landline phones, and more! Bills also include your business bills such as marketing, web conferences, merchant processing (that thing you swipe your credit cards on) and more.

What if you have ownership over all those bills that you will pay for anyway? Might as well earn money off of it right? I call that the ultimate smart spending business!

Instead of paying these bills and not take ownership for it, you’re practically just letting those big companies earn money off you. Of course you want in on some money that they’ve been taking from you for years. So how do you do that? Invest in your own business that gives out the same services that you’re already paying for.

I have exactly that kind of business venture to offer you.

Smart spending is about getting more for what you paid for. That is, paying for something that is worth it or something that will make your money grow. This business is exactly what I am describing every time I talk about smart spending.

So go on, take ownership of your services and start earning money every time you pay your bills!

Click on Get Started to practice smart spending today.

Do you want to earn money every time you pay your bills? Watch our videos on The Smart Spending Strategy

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