Is Apple’s dominance of Mobile Development on the Wane?


smartphonesAndroid is shipping more phones than Apple iOS, and Samsung Tops Apple from a Hardware perspective

A report from NPD last week paints what looks like a clear indication that developers should choose Android.   The operating system breakdown looks like this:

Additionally, IDC Published their research last week on worldwide hardware shipments that would seem to confirm that Android is the choice as well, with Samsung establishing a new one quarter record for Smartphone shipments, primarily on Android.

Apple is the logical choice for mobile development today

A significant number of the teams in my NUvention Web class choose development on mobile.   As I told a team I am coaching this year; while many start out with a non-Apple platform, almost everyone converges on at least having iPhone by the end of the class.  Why is this?  There are so many things wrong with developing on iPhone:  I’m on record saying that Objective C is terrible (mixing SmallTalk and C was not a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate; more like lemonade and milk).   Java and C# are much nicer languages.  The locked down nature of the iPhone platform makes it hard to get your app out to be tested by users.  Tools like TestFlight have to fill the gap to help you deploy to beta users (TestFlight is terrific by the way—a developer friend of mind who has written apps since the days of the Mini computer raves about the kind of instrumentation you get).   While the UI is great and performance is prioritized with the Apple OS, these can also complicate app building.    Memory management is also a pain on the iPhone compared with it’s garbage collected counterparts on Android and Windows Phone.     Despite this, the iPhone provides three key advantages over any other mobile phone platform to develop for:

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