Google Driverless Toyota Prius Hits the Road in Nevada


Google prius driverless self-driving carGoogle’s driverless car has been approved for a license, the first of its kind issued, to be tested on the roads of Nevada.

 Terminator fans rejoice: The machines are winning, and Judgment Day draws nigh. Maybe not quite yet, but Nevada took the nation one step closer to a future without the need of direct human control by approving Google’s license to test a driverless Toyota Prius on its roads. It is the first such license issued in the United States under new laws and regulations, according to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, which approved the application.

The license plates displayed on the test vehicle will have a red background and feature an infinity symbol on the left side to distinguish it from other vehicles on the road, as if the lack of a driver weren’t enough of an indication of otherness. While other automakers have indicated their desire to test and develop autonomous technology in Nevada in the future, the search-engine giant and likely Skynet sympathizer Google was the first company to file an application with the department to test its autonomous system.

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