College Education – Is it still worth it?

Students, Unions and members of the public pro...

Sometimes I find myself asking if college education is still worth it. Not because I don’t believe that having a career advances you financially but because I hate putting my money in the hands of a professor who can easily throw it away.

I love college. I work for it everyday. I started my business because of it. I stay with it not because it’s for my financial future but because I love helping others. But whenever I walk into a college class I keep on asking, is this classroom really worth thousands of dollars? Is my professor saying “Watch this video, we have a quiz on it” what I’ve been paying for? Am I really paying to get a college education or am I just purchasing my degree?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had great professors but whenever I get the bad ones, I can’t help but feel at a loss. I keep on fighting the urge to tell my low-performance professor, “Hey, thanks for wasting my money and time”. Despite that, tuition keeps on increasing as if the college education it offers is getting better. No computer lab or recreation center can create a good professor out of a bad professor.

Oh yeah and guess what, after all your hard work, you graduate and find yourself struggling to get a job in your career. The future is bleak for a college graduate during recession and unemployment.

Higher education -- Remember young man, your f...So what would smart spending do?

The fact that a college education is essential to moving up in society is irreversible. Knowledge truly is power. But how can we get a college education that is worth its price?

  • Community college – Algebra, US History, and English are the same no matter what school you go to. What matters are the professors who’ll be teaching you. Complete your G.E.D. at a community college as fast as you can and maybe even get an A.S. degree related to your major. You’ll be edgier than the students who started out in college universities because you already have a degree and some experience related to your major. Plus you save thousands of dollars.
  • Good Professors – What constitutes a good professor? For me, I always pick the ones students describe as “strict, difficult, and have high standards”. These are high performance professors that will teach 150% more than the low-performance ones where you only learn 50% of the curriculum. I always stay away from the laid back easy A’s professors. I view these professors as being lazy and uncaring if their students actually learn or not that’s why they’re just easy A’s. Take note that some professors are easy A’s because they teach well but those are hard to find.
  • Honor the honors – if you find yourself getting A’s and B’s, check out the honors program at your college. They have a lot of privileges such as free printing, scholarships, and experience opportunities to build your resume on. It also makes transferring easier.

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