A Good Education is equal to Financial Success – no more?


I talked about why the poor stays in poverty and that it is education that can bring them to financial success. But what most people don’t understand about poverty is that children are dropping out of school not because they want to but because the education system is flawed.

I want to quote myself from my very first article in this website, “Why the poor stays poor and the rich stays rich”:

 “Strive for quality education and we’ve got a society who gets an equal opportunity for financial success.”

Poverty happens not because some were unlucky they were born poor, or because their financial success was jeopardized by their families’ needs. Poverty happens because we allow it to. Financial success becomes unreachable because our education system is regulating the social classes by not giving good quality education and thus not extending an “equal opportunity for financial success”. Why do we keep allowing low-performance teachers to carve poverty and American dropouts out of our children?

To get a good chance at college and attaining financial success through a career, people pay to go to a private school, which is oftentimes out of reach for those in poverty. Private schools offer good education because they are independently run and free of regulations that complicate the idea of giving good education.

However, we are now faced with a bigger problem: Because unemployment and underemployment in recent graduates are high, our faith in America’s education system is fading. People will soon start asking what’s the point of getting a college education when they’ll end up unemployed anyway? They’ll begin to perceive college education as a pile of loan debt and a waste of time instead of a path to financial success.

No matter how much smart spending strategies I give you, nothing will fight poverty better than giving active participation in improving our education system. It is our job as adults to create a better future for our children. Take initiative and make a change by demanding better school systems to improve our chances to reach financial success.


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