Can you Survive in Poverty?

Unemployed workers sleeping in the bandstand a...

If you answered yes to the majority of the checklist, then you can survive in poverty!

1. I know which churches and sections of town have the best rummage sales.

2. I know which grocery stores’ garbage bins can be accessed for thrown away food.

3. I can get by without a car

4. I know how to physically fight and defend myself physically.

6. I know how to keep my clothes from being stolen at the Laundromat

7. I know what problems to look for in a used car.

8. I know how to live without a checking account

9. I know how to live without electricity and a phone

10. I know what to do when I don’t have money to pay the bills.

11. I know where the free medical clinics are

An excerpt from “A Framework for Understanding Poverty” by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. 1996

If you know the majority of these skills, then you have more likelihood in surviving poverty. It is all about know how and being resourceful when it comes to poverty. The tougher your spirit is, the better your survival will be in poverty. The more people you know, the more help you can have when you’re in a tight spot. Trading and bartering is also a good skill to have in order to negotiate good deals that fit your budget.

Personally, i believe that poverty is a state of mind. You are in poverty if you stopped fighting to survive. But as long as you find a way to move forward, you can get out of the poverty quicksand.

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I am business-minded college student who has a heart for helping others attain emotional independence and psychological stability. My background lies in Broadcasting, network marketing, and Human Services. I believe that crises and extreme stress is necessary for one to grow and figure out what matters in life (Tony Robbins). This keeps me going when frustrations arise in my business. View all posts by smartspending5

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