Mobile commerce industry demanding marketers more than any other employee



Mobile marketers in high demand causes many to rethink their occupation.

According to Propel London data, in the mobile commerce industry, marketers with an expertise for targeting these device users are now the highest in demand employees.

Propel London is a digital recruitment agency and its most recent “Digital Salary Insights” report has indicated that the U.K. job postings for mobile marketers have increased from only 10 vacancies in 2009 to more than 150 listed in 2011. At the same time the job openings for social marketing over mobile devices jumped from 28 to 100 within that same span of time.

Along with the increase in demand for product management, ad ops, media sales, client services, and app development for mobile marketing, so have the average salaries, as they increased the most the more they were specifically related to mobile roles.

Phil Haslehurst, the marketing manager for Propel, has explained that mobile is now experiencing the same time of growth period that once occurred in the search industry only a few years back.

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