The Most Annoying Android Apps


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Some of the most popular apps for Android devices access too much information, suck too much data, or use up all of your battery life. Here’s a list of apps to watch out for–and why.

Not all Android apps are created equal, and most are far from perfect.

And I’m not just talking about all of the unpopular, unmonitored apps that flood Google Play and often end up being ousted because they’re spammy or malicious. Even popular apps from respected companies are often guilty of draining your battery, shilling for (paid) updates, and spamming your notification bar with ads.

Here are more than a dozen popular apps that offend in various ways.

Noisy Notifier: Instagram for Android

Instagram made its Android debut just a couple of weeks ago, but the app isn’t perfect. One major issue is that the default notification setting is to spam you with updates whenever one of your contacts joins Instagram. Not when they follow you, just when they join. You can disable this by going to: Instagram, Settings, Edit Profile, Manage Settings, Push Notifications, Contact Notifications. Yeah, they really make it easy.

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