Beware of Your Silent Wallet Killer

Wallet with Euros Italiano: Spiccioli

Each of us has our own silent wallet killer. That thing that doesn’t cost much but you buy loads of it that you unknowingly overspend your money on little things that are not supposed to cost much. If you find yourself wondering where your money went and could never figure out what to save on to avoid over spending next month, there’s a silent wallet killer on the lose! List down your silent wallet killers and you are on your way to smart spending!

Here are some examples of a silent wallet killer:

  1. Habit buying – these are the things that you buy out of habit: cigarettes, alcohol, gum, candy, chips, soda, chocolate bar, and all the little things you buy just for a dollar. However, if you buy them every time you see them at the store, this could be your silent wallet killer.
  2. Apps – apps on your phone are very tempting to buy especially because most of them are between $1-$5. This could be your silent wallet killer when you find yourself exploring and purchasing new apps when you’re bored.
  3. In game buying – This is a booming market. These are the Facebook credits, Farmville cash, and the stuff you buy to advance further in your games. This is a vicious wallet killer because the desire to advance in the game pushes you to buy this stuff for a dollar. But if you do this every time you play, it can really hurt your wallet.
  4. Grocery shopping – did you ever go to a grocery store just to buy a couple of things then you end up filling your basket with a bunch of purchases that weren’t part of your list? This is a big silent wallet killer for most people.
  5. Accessories – this happens when you buy something and you add on little purchases here and there to accessorize. Cellphone cases, key chains, bracelets, and more can double what you’re supposed to pay for sans the accessories that you can live without.

Be aware of your silent wallet killer and stop yourself before you give in to the temptation. Your silent wallet killer is always lurking around to attract you with their single digit prices that make you say to yourself, “Oh, it’s just for a dollar, I’ll take it.”

Avoid silent wallet killers and be surprised with how much extra money you got by the end of the month!


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