Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One series: future war


htc one and samsung galaxy s IIIThis Summer’s biggest decision for top-tier smartphone customers looking to switch up to the best of the best will be which of the two they’ll be choosing: a member of the HTC One family or the inevitableSamsung Galaxy S III. At the moment there’s a bit of a block in the way of deciding as the Galaxy S III has not yet been detailed, only having leaks and whispers of details released thus far. On the other hand, Samsung has released a massive amount of smartphones (and tablets) since the last hero in the Galaxy S II, and much is to be gleaned and used in a preview-sort of decision right now before the HTC One series is released in the USA as well.

First, expect the HTC One series (both the X and the S) to be released in the United States months ahead of the Galaxy S III. If we take the amount of time between when the Galaxy S II was announced and when it was released in the United States, we are indeed looking at several months between one and the other. If you’re the sort of person that buys a smartphone off-contract in its international form, you’ll probably be able to get the Galaxy S III within a few weeks from now – again this is not confirmed, but it does seem very likely given the announcement released today: “Next Galaxy” on May 3rd.

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