How wealthy people think

deferred gratification

I’ve always wondered what wealthy people have that made them wealthy that those in poverty or middle class don’t have. To explore the answer to that, I had to lift the veil over my eyes and figure out which class I belong to.

No one will really admit that they are wealthy or in poverty in the society. Most will say that they are in the middle class because that seems to be the modest answer. The reason why we couldn’t classify ourselves is that we always look at the amount of money we earn everyday. Those receiving welfare probably don’t believe that they are in poverty because they are still eating enough meals everyday. Those who live in mansions probably don’t believe they’re wealthy because they can always cite someone who they perceive is truly wealthy.

What separates those in poverty, middle class, and wealthy is not the size of their wallets but the way they think.

If you are in poverty and you’re eating lunch with your children what they usually ask is, “Did you get enough?” In middle class you’ll ask, “Did you like it?” While a wealthy person will ask, “Was it presented well?”

Another example is the motivations of each class. A person in poverty values survival, personal relationships, and entertainment above most things. A person in the middle class is more focused on their jobs and achievements. On the other hand, a wealthy person strives to get financial, political, and social connections instead.

My last example of this phenomenon is how each class treats money. For those in poverty, their money is to be spent on things that are necessary for their survival. Those in the middle class manage their money and keep money aside for the future. The wealthy conserves their money like the middle class but they invest that money to make it grow.

Therefore I have three answers to my question, what do wealthy people have that poverty and middle class do not?

  1. Luck – you are in luck if you are born in a family that strives to give their children quality education.
  2. Lifestyles – even if you are born in poverty, learning the lifestyles of the middle class and the wealthy can change the way you think and earn your ticket into moving up social classes.
  3. Deferred gratification – this is a skill that is easy to learn but hard to master. Deferred gratification is putting off immediate wants for a future need. An example is not buying a new Ipod so you can save $200 to buy schoolbooks for the next semester. Middle class people exercise this skill the most.

All three of these are not given to all people. These are obtained by experience and perseverance. Some are born in poverty and can’t continue on to college to help out with the family’s finances. Some are only aware of the middle class lifestyle they are born in that even if they win the lottery, they don’t have the skills to survive being wealthy. Others do not understand the idea of deferred gratification and end up short on their monthly budget, which keeps them in poverty and never saving money for the future.

Think about it. What class do you really belong to?


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