Galaxy Nexus arrives at Sprint on Sunday for $200


Galaxy NexusSprint will begin selling Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus on Sunday for $199.99 with a two-year contract, making it $100 cheaper than the Verizon Wireless version.

Sprint also offers the Galaxy Nexus with access to Google Wallet for mobile payments, something not available on Verizon’s version.

Of course, the biggest downside with Sprint is that the 4G LTE device — the first with Android 4.0 — already works over Verizon’s LTE network in more than 200 cities; Sprint won’t begin rolling out LTE until mid-2012, and then, in just six cities to start.

Sprint users will have to rely on Sprint’s slower 3G data speeds in the meantime, the same way as when a Verizon user wanders outside of a Verizon LTE network and the device reverts to 3G.

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