Blackberry still beats Android on security, Analysis finds


Too Many Blackberrys

RIM’s BlackBerry remains the clear leader in mobile security with market share leader Android lagging badly, a “strengths and weakness” analysis of the four big platforms has concluded.

Enterprise Readiness of Consumer Mobile Platforms rated each platform on the basis of a number of criteria, including general device security, app security, code signing, authentication, device wipe ability, firewalling, and virtualisation, assigning each category a score out of five.

BlackBerry 7.0 came top with an average score of 2.89, ahead of Apple’s iOS with 1.7; Windows Phone 7 at 1.61; and Android 2.3 with 1.37; an order that corresponds roughly to the age of each platform.

Given how long it has been around, Android scored relatively poorly, the younger Windows Phone relatively well. BlackBerry has a long history in the business market — the others emerged as consumer platforms — but will nevertheless feel affirmed by its strong showing in manageability and corporate device control.

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