How I used smart spending on my college education

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This topic is close to my heart because this got me started in networking and direct selling businesses. I’ve always been a persuasive person and love talking to people about anything. Networking and direct selling allowed me to do what I naturally do. Although networking and direct selling are more than about being persuasive, I just stood ready and dove in.

To use smart spending for your college education means graduating with zero debt. Before the recession and unemployment started, everyone was in a hurry to finish their degree and start their careers to earn decent money. At that time, I just graduated from high school but don’t have a student loan so I ended up in a community college. I was devastated but it was a blessing in disguise. While everyone’s debts blew up, I’m just going through classes without worrying about a double job.

The first advice is: finish your GE’s at a community college. You’ll save thousands of dollars and shifting college majors is no biggie.

Your last two years in college are most challenging. At this point, I started direct selling and got into networking to pay for higher fees in the university. I’d skip a semester to work full time on these businesses and then enroll full time next semester while maintaining my networking and direct selling businesses on the side. To handle this, gauge your strengths and plan classes effectively according to the demands of your business or job. Don’t forget rest and meals! My last two years in college became four years but because of my networking and direct selling business, my resume is packed with evidence of my life skills, communication skills and business skills which increased chances of getting employed.

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I am business-minded college student who has a heart for helping others attain emotional independence and psychological stability. My background lies in Broadcasting, network marketing, and Human Services. I believe that crises and extreme stress is necessary for one to grow and figure out what matters in life (Tony Robbins). This keeps me going when frustrations arise in my business. View all posts by smartspending5

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