Use Smart Spending on your Smart Phone

Cellphone Keyboard

Cellphone Keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was looking at our cellphone bill today and I asked myself, “Am I applying smart spending here?” When I got my mobile plan for unlimited everything, it was impractical. I was in high school and I don’t spend too much time on my cellphone. My mobile plan didn’t match me. But now that I’m a businesswoman, my mobile plan is perfect because it’s worth it to have unlimited texts, calls, and data to contact partners and costumers.

So how do you apply smart spending when it comes to buying a cellphone and a mobile plan?

1.)  Research – checking out mobile plan choices available for you is a given. What most people forget to research about is their own usage. How much do you text, call and use data for? Consider the demands of your work and family and choose the mobile plan that’s closest to your lifestyle.

2.)  Cellphone – Find out which features suits you. For instance ask yourself, do you really need a front facing and a back-facing camera? Can you do without video calling? Some people buy a feature-packed $300 cellphone and don’t even use it to the fullest! Apply smart spending to your decisions on a cellphone that matches your lifestyle and get satisfaction from using smart spending rather than the “cool, hip look” of your new cellphone.

3.)  DISOUNTS – the most important rule of all. Find discounts or coupons to save money on your purchase.

Use your smart spending skills in all of your purchases and put your money in the most worthy products that matches your lifestyle. Have fun!

Here at Smart Spending, we love helping people out with earning opportunities and discounts. Contact us today for discounts on cellphones from services that you already use!


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