On Smart Spending…


Money (Photo credit: 401K)

The concept of smart spending started when my family started to treat me as an adult by letting me practice money managing skills. The responsibility to save money for my education, gas, and expenses came to me as an exciting adventure through my own personal growth as I formed my own money managing strategies.


I sometimes starved, only eating once a day, due to my own mistakes in my money managing decisions. But without those mistakes, I wouldn’t be able to buy my own laptop at 18 with only $70 savings per month, or buy my first car at 19 on the same budget. The key is smart spending. Everything I saved for has been for something useful for me to get more money.


Money managing isn’t all about numbers and budget. It’s 80% perception, 20% coupons and shopping smarts. Your perception on money managing is important because it affects all your decisions on prioritizing purchases, your sacrifices to save and strategies to grow your savings.


The common reason people fail in money managing is unanticipated expenses. These could be traffic tickets, repairs, and emergencies. It is useful to underestimate your income to prepare for unanticipated expenses. Use two or three wallets to keep yourself from spending savings. Trick yourself into smart spending and don’t count how much you’re saving. Usually when we get excited over the amount of money we save, we end up spending it. If you don’t know how much you have kept, you’ll be surprised how much you have when the time of need comes through smart spending.


Changing how you get satisfaction is the key for smart spending. Instead of not buying immediate wants and feeling bad about it, feel good about practicing smart spending instead and that you are one step towards your goal.



About smartspending5

I am business-minded college student who has a heart for helping others attain emotional independence and psychological stability. My background lies in Broadcasting, network marketing, and Human Services. I believe that crises and extreme stress is necessary for one to grow and figure out what matters in life (Tony Robbins). This keeps me going when frustrations arise in my business. View all posts by smartspending5

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