Networking – The Business of the Future

Whenever I eat at a good restaurant, I always envy its owners. In my mind, I imagine how good it must be to have this delicious food for free every day because they own this business. Then a thought struck me, if I own a business that sells products or services that everyone uses for daily living, I can get these products or services for free! No more bills! What a utopian idea… However, I did find a business that embodies the same thing. In our imperfect world, we call this business networking.

Traditional business owning has been difficult this recession. What little profit you have in your business, you have to put it back into maintaining it in forms of different bills: salaries, utilities, rental space, merchant processing, marketing, and more. But networking requires little: a small investment, tough skin, optimism, and winners (because winners are never quitters).

What if you found a networking business that lets you earn money every time you and your costumers pay these bills? It’s not free like my utopian idea but hey, it’s smart spending!

Networking is not for everyone. It requires leadership and lots of faith because at first the earnings are not so great and you start from the bottom. But unlike the traditional employment, there are no limits to what you can earn and no limits to higher positions you can earn based on your own efforts alone.

In networking, there is an opportunity that is based on rewarding your efforts. Why choose to settle for a job that doesn’t appreciate you enough for all the stress you go through every single day? Why settle for dependency on a monthly check that is barely enough? Moreover, why settle?

Networking is the business of the future where people don’t just “settle” but they do networking to thrive.

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I am business-minded college student who has a heart for helping others attain emotional independence and psychological stability. My background lies in Broadcasting, network marketing, and Human Services. I believe that crises and extreme stress is necessary for one to grow and figure out what matters in life (Tony Robbins). This keeps me going when frustrations arise in my business. View all posts by smartspending5

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