Create a friend out of the Recession

The promise of recovery from the recession is far from being felt at this point in this economy. Gas prices remain high and money keeps on getting short. And yet, some believe that we can create a friend out of the recession. How dare they say such things?

With the unemployment rate at 8.3% as of February, where’s the anticipated relief? With so many people suffering from unemployment, the promised recovery remains unseen.

The recession scarred many, if not all, and has changed the way we perceived money managing. Through the years we have basked in the security of credit cards, refinancing, and second mortgages. And now, a hesitant feeling creep in every swipe we do.

The recession and unemployment became a friend to us because it made us take a second look on the money managing decisions we’ve made. It made us realize that we cannot be totally dependent on our jobs because of the risk of being laid off.

The recession became a friend because it pushed us to find multiple streams of income that will secure stability even in times of recession and unemployment. It taught us that simple money managing is not enough if there is no money coming in to manage. It also drove us to be independent and in control of our own income.

When I experienced unemployment coupled with college bills to pay, I decided to hire myself in networking. With networking, you need only some free time, tough skin, and people (and there’s always people to do networking with especially those suffering through unemployment).

I’m not suggesting you quit everything for networking. I believe that having an active income is necessary for those starting out in networking. As the networking income increases and becomes steady then we can finally retire or quit our jobs for networking.



About smartspending5

I am business-minded college student who has a heart for helping others attain emotional independence and psychological stability. My background lies in Broadcasting, network marketing, and Human Services. I believe that crises and extreme stress is necessary for one to grow and figure out what matters in life (Tony Robbins). This keeps me going when frustrations arise in my business. View all posts by smartspending5

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