Why the poor stays poor and the rich stays rich

Oftentimes, those who are born in poverty grow up and stay in poverty. The same happens with the middle class and the wealthy. No matter how good their money managing and networking skills are, they tend to stay in the same class. However, we can change this phenomenon if only we are aware of the differences between these classes.

The primary reason for this phenomenon is that we grow up learning the same lifestyles, networking practices, and money managing methods in our birth classes. If the ones in poverty will learn the money managing methods in the middle class and then transition on to the money managing methods of the wealthy, they will then have the chance to finally pull themselves into the world of financial freedom. If they do emerge from the sociology of their own classes, they begin networking with people above their own class because they begin to think like them.

However, a person in poverty cannot survive and stay wealthy in a class where all he knows about is the money managing methods and networking practices of wealthy people. There is also a difference in the language register, the perception of what is important, and social cues. For instance, a person in poverty eating with his family would probably ask his or her children, “Did you have enough food?” For a person in poverty, the quantity of food is important while a wealthy person would care more about how the food was presented.

There is one thing in common for a person in poverty and a wealthy person: the importance of networking. This perhaps is the only key for someone to get into the wealthy class. People in poverty use the casual register of language and use their sense of humor for networking people they can trust in times of need. Like the poor, the wealthy use networking practices as part of their money managing. The only difference is that the wealth uses a formal register to communicate while networking.

If it were all about money managing, then all would simply move up when they learn the proper money managing skills. The reason why it’s difficult to change classes is that the privileges and the cognitive learning the wealthy experiences is not available to the middle and poverty classes. Strive for quality education and we’ve got a society who gets an equal opportunity for financial success.


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