About Smart Spending

Smart Spending is an Independent Marketer that promotes saving money on services we usually overpay for. We believe in using this saved money (that would’ve been spent anyway) to invest in your own business to make your money grow providing multiple streams of income.

We hope to be of help to you in your journey to achieve financial freedom and independence.

We accept inquiries on how to practice smart spending through our Get Started Page.

Here are some articles that can help you find financial freedom:

How to earn money every time you pay your bills

Budget and Spending

Imagine if you own an Italian restaurant. You hire your own chef and employees. You also make deals with suppliers to get good quality meats and vegetables to serve to your costumers. You invest your money into decorating, marketing, merchant processing, and paying your employees to keep the business running. But anytime you go to your own restaurant, you don’t have to pay for your own food simply because you own the place!

Now, think about it this way: if you “own” your bills and you pay them, you will earn money off of your bills simply because you own them like a business.

Now that’s the ultimate smart spending opportunity!

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The Smart Spending Strategy


When you graduate from college, are there jobs out there waiting for you?

If your company tries to cut costs, are you ready to make a career change?

In this economy, we cannot be dependent on a monthly paycheck alone.

Come join us as we fight recession and unemployment by earning money every time we pay our bills through Smart Spending!

RSVP online or in-person now on Smart Spending Events

Partner with us!

businessBegin your journey towards financial independence today by becoming a business partner of Smart Spending! The opportunity is open to everyone and anyone who is interested in earning money every time they pay their bills.

When you partner with us, you will not only gain money as you work on your business but also personal growth and new friends. It is an eye opening adventure that can only lead you to a better financial future. We only ask for you to not give up and stay positive. If you like to strive for optimism and have a good attitude, then this business is for you!

View our Partner with us page to learn more

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